Portable Offshore Tanks

Peterson Chemicals is a well-known services provider for the energy industry and is comprised of fully trained employees including three Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors.

This results in a high level of knowledge in relation to transport and handling of Chemicals and Fuels as well as excellent service delivery to our clients. 

Rent our specialist, portable tanks which exceed industry safety standards with unique features and enhancements. Our fleet consists of tanks with various specifications, all meeting the requirements of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods code as well as all legislation for offshore (tank) containers (EN 12079 / DNV 2.7-1 / ISO10855-1). 

Our onsite tank cleaning facilities allow clients to improve efficiency through reduced transportation time and costs.

Gasoil, HVO, GTL, aviation fuel and production chemicals can be supplied and delivered using our portable tanks in stock at our quayside.

Our team of dangerous goods specialists, along with our portable tanks with high safety standards allow us to provide safe transport of almost any chemical to offshore installations and wind farms.

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